An older baby photoshoot is just as special as a newborn one.

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Dylan was three months when he had his photoshoot. And he proves that photoshoots aren’t just for newborns and an older baby photoshoot is just as special.

If you are wondering if there is a difference between a newborn baby photoshoot and an older baby photoshoot. Or possibly even thinking your baby isn’t a newborn baby anymore, so is it worth it? Then read on. We had just come out of the Lockdown 3 and so the chance to have a photo shoot when Dylan was a newborn baby just couldn’t happen. But rather than miss out we captured him when we could.

Older babies are more alert and they may have learnt to smile!

Older babies are still small and sleepy. We got some adorable shots of Dylan sleeping, yawning and close up details as you do with newborns. He was also smiling and blowing bubbles. Interesting random fact, blowing bubbles is all part of your baby’s speech development. This is the difference with a slightly older baby, you get more alert and smiling photo opportunities. Which do add a little something extra.

3 month old baby laying on a bed taken at at older baby photoshoot in Southgate London

As with newborn, an older baby photoshoot is baby led.

Just with my newborn photo shoots, an older baby photoshoot is baby-led. We went with Dylan’s flow, when he wanted to sleep he slept, when he was hungry he fed and when he wanted to play we played.

As a parent, you are also a bit more established in your routine and understanding of your baby’s needs. Making it less of a daze at this stage.

So there you have it the difference between having a newborn baby photoshoot and an older baby photoshoot. Check out more from Dylan’s gallery to see for yourself.

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