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Capturing Cherished Moments: Newborn Photography in Finchley with Baby Maya

Today I want to share with your some example images of newborn photography in Finchley, where each moment is recording the bonds and the beauty of new beginnings. So, you can see the range of photos and special moments that we can capture in your newborn photoshoot. 

Endless Feeding and Special Rocks

I arrived at Maya’s family house at 10:30am. In fact, I start late morning with my newborn photography sessions because it gives everyone a chance to get ready, and the sun to get up so we can maximise the light in your home.  Afterwards, the schedule is determined by the baby.  We go with baby’s flow and they dictate the rhythm. On this day, Maya was just a few days old and was having a hungry day.  Naturally, we let her feed because the baby’s needs are always the number one priority.  Because, that is what we use for the unique narrative for our photography session – your baby and how you care for them.

Father rocking newborn baby girl to settle her during Newborn Photography in Finchley by Natalie Avery Photography.

The beauty of at-home newborn photography in Finchley lies in its adaptability. Maya’s constant need to feed was met with open arms, and there was no rush or pressure. 

Feeding is just one part of the newborn experience. Quite often lots of feeding leads to struggling to settle away from Mum after a feed.  Which was the case for Maya, like many newborns. That’s when her father’s special rocking technique became the hero of the story. Meaning Mum not only got a well-deserved break but it also worked wonders in soothing Maya.  Making it the perfect time to capture some portraits of her.  And also some fun photos of Mum trying his technique so she could achieve the same. 

Embracing the Unscripted Story

At-home newborn photography allows us to capture the unscripted story. As a result, each gallery unique to that family.  The details of their baby in their home and how they care for them. There are no two galleries the same.  Of course, we have portraits of the baby on their own, Mum and baby, Dad and baby, and all together. But each image and what it is capturing is unique to your family.  And I have the privilege of documenting the intricate details of this.

The images tell a story of life with a newborn baby and the start of a family’s journey together. Sometimes its the constant feeding, the soothing magic of a father’s rock, but it is always the unwavering love of parents navigating the early days of their little one’s life.

At-home newborn photography isn’t just about capturing the scheduled activities; it’s about freezing those candid, in-between moments that define your family’s story. Finally Maya fed and dozed off, I also immortalized the laughter shared by her parents—genuine moments of joy.

Parents on bed with newborn baby in mums arm, they laugh while their dog looks at them

Newborn Photography in Finchley: Relaxed and stress free.

Maya’s session, like all others, demonstrates the flexibility and warmth that an at-home photoshoot provides. There’s no need to worry about time constraints or packing bags with multiple outfits. The focus is solely on capturing the essence of your family, creating images that reflect the unique bond you share with your newborn.

Maya’s session wasn’t all about feeding; she had moments of calm, too. Her parents showered her with love and care, I caught those quiet moments of connection that make family life so special. Then, even the dog jumped in, adding an extra layer of warmth and playfulness to the images.

Preserving the Magic for Generations

As a photographer specialising in newborn photography at home in Finchley, my goal is to preserve the magic of these early moments. Maya’s story, with its hunger, soothing rocks, and tender care, is a snapshot of the beautiful chaos that defines the first weeks of parenthood.

If you’re in Finchley and considering newborn photography that captures the authenticity of your family’s journey, I would love to hear from you. Explore the gallery below to catch a glimpse of Maya’s session and the heartfelt moments we were able to freeze in time.

I hope you found this insight useful and if you are ready to book your own newborn photography contact me to discuss your session. 

Natalie x




Natural Newborn Photography – London

Natural Newborn Photography – London

Myla’s photoshoot is why I love at home newborn photography. It gives you a chilled relaxed photo session but captures the magic of this precious time in your family’s story.

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