Newborn Baby Photography in Leytonstone East London

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I had the honour of photographing Bo at his family home at 13 days old. Here are a few of my favourites from this newborn baby photography in Leytonstone, East London.

Newborn Baby boy laying on the bed kicking his legs up as he sleeps. Newborn Baby Photography in Leytonstone East London.

The early days whizz by, in the haze of having a newborn baby and adjusting to what they need.

The haze will soon pass. But the photos will forever remind you of that special feeling of bringing your baby home and working out what all the cries mean – do they need feeding, winding or a change. I always remember from my NCT classes being told there are 3 things your newborn needs and why they will cry – feeding, winding or changing. If you’ve done all three, and they still need something start at the top of the list again.

I work around you while you enjoy being together as a family.

My newborn photoshoots don’t interrupt this. I am there to document and capture this wonderful time for you. While you feed, wind and kiss your baby I will be moving around getting all this detail for you.

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Mother holding sleeping baby in her arms looking down with a smile

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My baby and family photography is natural and playful. With no awkward posing, just a relaxing time hanging out with your favourite people.

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