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Natural Newborn Photography London

This at home newborn photoshoot in London with Myla is just one example of why I love natural newborn photography.  And because this is at home newborn photography it is a relaxed and chilled experience for you all.  Check out some of the gallery below.

Capturing the Essence of Newborn Bliss at Home.

Father holding his newborn baby girl in his arms. Captured during Natural Newborn Photography at home in London

Myla wanted to feed or sleep the whole time I was with her. And that wasn’t a problem. Because we are in your home you can relax and take care of your baby as you need. There’s no need to pack a bag with everything you might need or worry about time being up in the studio.

We go with baby’s flow during an at home newborn photoshoot

With natural newborn photography sessions, we go with the baby’s flow.  They direct.  We follow.  If they need to feed they feed, if they need to sleep they sleep.  Patience.  Is the secret.  It’s how the magic happens. With a little patience we will get a beautiful variety of images. 

During this photoshoot, Myla was struggling to settle after her feeds. Luckily Daddy had just recently discovered a special rock that worked a treat to help her settle. And because we were at home, he could do his special rock anytime it was needed. Which meant I was able to continue capturing photos while Myla was rocked. A baby’s mood doesn’t stop the flow, I work around the baby. In fact, I’d say it adds to the story. As I can document how your baby really is and the way you soothe and care for them. Those little kisses, caresses and even special rocks you develop in these early days do really stay.

I also know that as a new parent you are still trying to work out this new little person.  This makes it a super chilled relaxed time for parents too. I remember vividly what it was like those first couple of weeks.

Typically at home newborn photoshoots take about 3 hours.  And in 3 hours babies generally will need to feed, sleep, be awake, cry and be settled.  Although to be honest sleep is the one that doesn’t always happen. And that is okay. 

We need to wait till they are ready for the next thing and not force it.  If they are feeding and taking a while to settle then your priority will be to take care of them, get them settled rather than worry about getting photos. 

And that is where the magic lies. For when you are taking care of them I am working.  Taking it all in, observing and capturing it for you.  For in those moments when you are doing what you do to care for them –  that is the magic.  The element that makes the photos so special.  How you care for them. The little tricks you’ve developed (in just a few days).  The rocking motions you do to settle them, the strokes and places you sit. The way you look at them, the stolen glances, the quiet moment with your partner where you take them in what you’ve created. That’s the magic.  They are the bits I’m here for.  To document your little one and your developing family.  The connections and bonds you are making.  

With natural newborn photography. Fur babies are welcome too.

And the cherry on top is…pets are welcome too. They are a beloved part of your family and absolutely welcome to join in if they and you wish.

All my natural newborn photography is done in your home. As it is such a magical time bringing your brand new baby home and so I love to capture your family bonds forming. Having a newborn photography session at home means you don’t need to navigate the what do we need to bring mind field. You can saviour the time without the constraints of a studio setting.  Or worry that you have to be somewhere at a certain time and packing a bag with multiple outfits.

There is also no need to worry about your home, there is plenty of light and it really isn’t too messy! With a simple blanket or muslin, we can create some fantastic portraits of the baby on their own so all their little features are included too.

Explore my natural newborn photography images for more at home sessions and see how I focus the sessions. And if you are ready to talk about booking your newborn photoshoot then get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t worry if your baby is now a bit older and no longer a newborn, your baby is never too old for a photoshoot – check out why.



Mother holding sleeping baby in her arms looking down with a smile

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