Calm, relaxed natural newborn photoshoot in Brent, London.

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Natural newborn photography is very special. I always feel so privileged to be asked to take photos in these precious first few days. To keep everything calm and relaxed we go slow with the babies flow. Have a look at how it works with Rafe’s newborn photoshoot in Brent, London.

Baby looking up at camera while mums hand strokes cheek.  Baby is laying in mother's lap during newborn photoshoot in Brent.

Beautiful natural photos of you caring for your little one

When you have an at-home newborn photoshoot, there is no time pressure like in a studio. We can take a break while you take care of your little one. And I capture how you do this. The tricks you’ve developed to get a burp or comfort your baby when they feel uncomfortable after a feed.

Rafe was a hungry little guy, so he wanted to feed a lot. Which in turn means he needed to be winded and settled after his feeds. So we just paused and let him feed. While his parents took care of his needs, we chatted and I clicked away.

Black and White image of newborn baby boy lying in his moses basket asleep with his arms bent up taken during newborn photoshoot in Brent

All your little tricks recorded and documented

Rafe’s mummy discovered he liked to suck on her finger. This comforted him and stopped his cries. And being lifted high in the air by his Daddy took his mind off needing a feed while his mum got herself ready.

Mother settling baby boy with her finger to replace dummy during newborn photoshoot in Brondesbury Park London.
Mother settling newborn baby who likes to suck on her finger.

It goes by in a daze those first few weeks. Photos really do help you hold onto it. And remember the little things you do to comfort them. Many of the strokes, bounces or songs you sang you will continue for quite some time but not through the years as they grow.

Take a look at Rafe’s gallery to get a feel for what type of images you get from an at home newborn photoshoot.

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Mother holding sleeping baby in her arms looking down with a smile

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