Capturing Life’s Little Wonders

Close up of a bubble wand with a bubble still on it. In background you see the boy who blew the bubble with a big toothless grin.
I believe in natural authentic portraits and images, that capture our true characters and real moments.  Who we are and the chaotic messy moments that build are our story. 
its magic!
Toddler girl on grass at bottom of slide she has just slide down. Looking very pleased with herself.


Capturing Treasured Memories

I’ve always been the one with camera in hand

The photos I have of my childhood mean everything to me – to be able to see myself at an age I don’t and can’t remember is like magic to me.  



I needed to record it all

Having my two made me realise how fast it all goes. One minute you are bringing them home from hospital after waiting patiently for NINE whole months. Then in the blink of an eye they are reading Harry Potter.

This is where my camera become my magic trick. Pressing the shutter is my pause button. How I stop and take in that moment.  And a sleep deprived haze wasn’t doing my memory any good. 

Black and white picture of childs hands holding the Harry Potter book they are reading.



Girl looking over edge of paddling pool that she is in going ohhh


Which brings this little story right up to date

That’s why I’ve chosen to specialize in family and newborn photography.

To help you stop and take in the moment, because you appreciate the magic and fun in the chaos of life with kids. I want families to look back at their photos and see the true moments, expressions, and personalities that make their family unique. Just like I have with mine.

In addition to family and newborn photography, I also offer maternity photography services.

Barre-obsessed. Coffee lover.

When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me in Winchmore Hill,  North London  sampling the best local coffee.

I’m also a mum of two. To a chatterbox 9 year old Archie the kindest soul who is obsessed with Tigers and the stats of a football league table. And Holly a 7 year old whirlwind with phenomenal upper body strength, a love for painting herself and making up songs.

I’m a book lover who loves planning adventures with my little gang to see the world, Barre, a workout that pushes me on the Peloton, coffee and ‘Prosecco Wednesdays’ with my girls.

Get in touch to learn more about my services and how I can help you capture your cherished memories.

A selfie of Natalie Avery and her children who are coming over her shoulder with their faces painted.


We had a brilliant outdoor photoshoot with Natalie – thoroughly recommended!