Fun Family Photoshoot in London’s amazing parks.

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This was a lovely sunny day for a Fun Family Photoshoot in London’s amazing parks with Isabel and her son. Isabel wanted a photoshoot of them both because she doesn’t have many photos of just the two of them. She also wanted to create a gallery wall in her house with the photos.

Be in the photos with your kids. Help them remember what they did with you.

Its so important to get in photos with our children. For them . So they can remember these times when they are older, see how your connected and played together. How many of us really remember our childhood and how we spent our days? We remember the odd day out and big memories. Its the small everyday moments that we don’t recall.

Enjoy your time together and forget I’m there.

Woman holding her son on her hip while they both look and smile at something out of the scene. Taken during their fun family photoshoot in London's parks

It was such a pleasure to spend the morning with Isabel and Arthur. I plan my photoshoots to be fun and another day out or trip to the park. Time where you fully focus on each other and enjoying this time. I ask everyone I work with to forget I’m there. To spend the next couple of hours together, enjoying each other and living in the moment. These two really took hold of that and had a great time playing bus, hide and seek, monsters and having a snuggle when energy levels fell low. And it was such an honour to see their bond and connection.

Display your photos. It will bring you so much joy.

Isabel also had a plan for what she wanted to do with her photos from the photoshoot and this is something I would urge everyone to think about. Have a plan for what you want to do – a gallery wall, a few big pieces to create a feature or an album. It will give the photos even more meaning and its such a shame to have beautiful photos hidden in a computer never seeing the light.

And the hidden benefit of doing so…your wellbeing. I can’t tell you how much photos of my family help me find the gratitude and joy in even the toughest of days full of tantrums and rushing around to fit all the things in.

Hope this gives you some inspiration

Natalie x

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