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Join me in Winchmore Hill for this family photoshoot. A perfect Sunday hanging out at home with this lovely family and their one year old boy.  It  had been raining a lot just before this date and on so rather than be at the mercy of the weather we planned to stay completely at home for this one.

Little boy being swung by adult, photo is from below as we see the joy in his face

The beauty of having a photoshoot at home is that if the weather is favourable we can head out to a local park or the garden as well as get some images if you all hanging out at home. And if it’s not, then we just stay home and don’t need to rearrange. Check out a selection of photos from this family photoshoot in Winchmore Hill to see what fun we had.

Capturing Family Moments in Winchmore Hill

It was such fun hanging out with them. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ll know how much I adore photoshoots with one year olds.  Its one of my favourite ages to photograph.  The joy and wonder at everything.  They are so playful too. Always reminding me that it is just the simple things we need.

For an at home photoshoot with children older than a few weeks, I always recommend giving some though to what activities we’ll do at home. To keep the kids interested and to ensure its enjoyable for everyone. Doesn’t have to be anything too tricky or that requires setting up. 

Think about what you want to treasure about this age with your kids. What games are they into? What activities do they do? With younger toddlers is there a particular thing they do or love at present, like reading or playing with cars?

The Magic of Reading Together

Reading was it for this family.  They wanted to captured the little one’s love of reading and the way he clapped at the end of every story.  He wanted to read another then another then another.   Reading really is a great and simple activity to include as it will evoke memories years down the line of not only that moment but their interest and exploration of books and bedtime stories. Not only that it encourages everyone to snuggle in close, takes their minds of the camera being there so you can have fun.

One year old boy clapping as a his parents are reading him is finished, family photography in Winchmore Hill taken by Natalie Avery Family Photographer

We headed upstairs where they typically read with their little one and spent time doing just that. All of the family together and sometimes each parent reading with him.  As I always ensure to capture the kids individually, with both parents, each parent and each other so you have a fantastic mix of images. It was really good fun and relaxed as everyone focussed on enjoying the stories. As well as having a snuggle in Mum’s lap. 

First Bubbles, Cars and Tea Parties

One year old boy blowing his first bubble taken by Natalie Avery Family Photographer in Winchmore Hill

Every toddler loves bubbles.  And it is a good one to include. When we were blowing bubbles, which he loved, he actually managed to blow his first bubble himself.  Putting the bubbles away was tough.

Once we had finished with bubbles we headed downstairs to play. We played with cars and pushed them around the kitchen which happens regularly.  Pushing them back and forwards to Dad.  The giggles when Auntie was driving them over his arms and legs.  Along with lots of tickling and throwing the little one in the air as the family hung out at home and enjoyed each other’s company.  There was lots of fun and time playing including pretend cups of tea for everyone.  And a bit of dancing with the little one making everyone laugh with his little moves. 

After a while it was time for a snack and a cuppa tea.  With ‘cheers’ to everyone and getting messy with dairy lea and breadsticks.  I love how toddlers eat.  And I’m here for all of it the messy covered in whatever they are eating and doing ‘cheers’ with every sip of water.

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