What is the best age for a baby photoshoot?

Baby Photography

The first year to 18 months sure does see a lot of change in our babies. From sleepy and curled up as newborns to first steps and first words they accomplish a lot in a short space of time. So what is the best age for a baby photoshoot?


Whether you are pregnant and thinking about booking a photoshoot for your new baby. Or if you didn’t have traditional newborn photography and you’re wondering when else would be a good time to book? And you’re thinking how much your baby has changed and you want to capture this new stage. If you are left wondering when the is best to photograph your baby? Read on for the different stages I find work well with babies.

There are so many milestones that you’ll want to record. And babies are so expressive – everything is new and exciting to them.


This one is over in such a flash. Bringing your baby home and those first few weeks are just magical but they do become a blur. During this stage, the session will focus on their features – wrinkly toes and fingers, long eyelashes (babies have the longest eyelashes), sleepy yawns and curled-up positions. It’s also a special time for parents and having a session at home means you can capture feeding time, parents changing and comforting the baby, and the baby’s room and it remembers the home and how it felt to have your special new arrival home at last.

A newborn photoshoot is best done in the first few weeks, as we want to capture the snuggled up and sleepy stage.

Baby snuggled into fathers chest while sucking on dummy


0-3 Months

Babies become more alert from about 3 weeks (that’s when the fun starts). With that they are awake for longer periods, they become aware of other people and they will start smiling at you. Those first smiles are so precious and will make your heart melt. Photos at this stage aren’t dissimilar to newborns in that there will be a great focus on details, baby laying down and parents holding the baby but they will have discovered their hands and feet so they will be awake in the majority of the images.

4-6 months

By this stage, babies are starting to become more physically active. So I focus on catching tummy time or sitting (if they’ve mastered this early on).

The smiles are well practised by now and will even have developed to laughs.

Baby is also a big fan of Mummy and Daddy and they give us the biggest smiles when they see you. We can start to play games like peekaboo and blowing raspberries to get some giggles. This is a lovely time for showing the emotional connection that has developed between you all.

Toys are of great interest at this stage and make great props. I remember my two endlessly putting things in and out of a box or basket. And tasting them was a great game. Along with watching their hand open and close as they realise they were making it do that. So you’ll have lots of lovely photos of all of you together, playing and snuggling along with great photos of the baby on their own mastering their new skills.

6-12 months

During these 6 months, a lot can happen. Sitting, rolling, learning to crawl, and perhaps pulling themselves up or even walking. These are all wonderful moments and the expressions babies pull while they are mastering these skills are priceless. So definitely one to record.

Photography at home during this stage is emotive and very special.

You can use your toys, blankets and playing games like peekaboo to personalise the photos. And best of all you are all in the photos. There will be some beautiful moments and expressions as you chase your crawling baby down the hall, catching them pulling themselves or even the complete mess of feeding time.

Baby learning to crawl at 6 months

If you have a nearby park and the baby is mobile it can be lovely to explore a local park or the garden before heading back inside. Then we can focus on some more chilled time and snuggles and lunch perhaps. Feeding is messy but it can be extremely fun to capture in your photos.

Happy First birthday…..and beyond…

Walking, talking and seeing the world with such amazement and wonder. It’s all ahead of them this year. It’s a big moment for you too – you made it through the baby year. Yay. A big cheer for you.

Now you get to experience your baby become a little person.

Which makes this a perfect stage to have a photoshoot. Such a pivotal moment in time to remember.

One year old in high chair eating cake with it all over herself

Oh, are they expressive at this stage! The facial expressions are so wonderful at this age as it’s the main form of communication – wonder, excitement and displeasure you can see it all in their eyes. I love how expressive a one-year-old can be and I think it makes for some fab photos as it captures their personality.

If you could only choose one time to have photos I’d choose this stage (12-18 months) just because of how expressive they are. However, if you would like to cover more of the year you could book a package that includes multiple photoshoots over your baby’s first year.

So what is the ideal age for a photoshoot for your baby? The answer…there isn’t one!

I hope this gave you some ideas and helps you decide the best age you would like to photograph your baby because ultimately the best age for a baby photoshoot is the one you like the sound of most. And really there isn’t one age that is best. So if you didn’t get to have a newborn shoot there are plenty more chances to get in the frame with your little one. If you’d like to find out more about me and how I work. You can also get in touch anytime to ask questions or find out about booking.

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Natural Newborn Photography – London

Natural Newborn Photography – London

Myla’s photoshoot is why I love at home newborn photography. It gives you a chilled relaxed photo session but captures the magic of this precious time in your family’s story.

Natural Newborn Photography – London

Natural Newborn Photography – London

Myla’s photoshoot is why I love at home newborn photography. It gives you a chilled relaxed photo session but captures the magic of this precious time in your family’s story.

Mother holding sleeping baby in her arms looking down with a smile

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