Five reasons to book a newborn photoshoot

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Welcoming your baby to the world is huge. For many it feels like a natural evolution of where they are. But. Stop and think about it. Huge milestones like this in your life should be documented and here are my five reasons to book a newborn photoshoot.

This little ones arrival was celebrated with a photoshoot – check out his gallery. This is a big moment. Your family has just been created, or expanded if this isn’t the first baby.

Five reasons to book a newborn photoshoot and invest in this time.

1. Its a big moment

Okay I know I have said this already, a lot. But it really is. Much like your wedding day you want to remember this magical time and record it.

There’s no need to worry or think it will be a stress you don’t need when you’ve just had a baby. An at home newborn photoshoot is calm, relaxed and to get authentic photos we go with the flow and just hang out. I come to you and you honestly don’t need to prepare anything.

2. It goes so fast

The years fly by when you have kids. Everyone says it. Everyone did to me when I was pregnant. And at the time, I was like yeah right why would it be faster than now. But there is a reason everyone, and I mean everyone, says it. Because it is true. So true. They have experienced it so they know. I have experienced it – so now I know. And if you are about to have a baby you will know it too.

The way they kick their legs, the baggy folds of skin they are to grow into, chubby thighs, the sleepy yawns and the way that they lay into your chest. They grow, quickly, and remembering the details is hard. And you will want to remember them. Before long you’re standing on the door step taking first day of school photos, wondering what the going rate is for a tooth is or experiencing your heart bursting at the lightbulb moment when all the blending and phonics comes together and they read.

3. To show them

My kids love to look at pictures and videos of themselves as babies. As they work out how that could be them, I can see their confusion and realisation. They also enjoy seeing pictures of my husband and me when we were babies and children. As they piece it all together, I can actually hear the cogs turning.

Documenting these moments for ourselves is one reason, but it’s also for them. So they can look back and remember what their childhood was like. To see how they have grown and changed; to have a photo spark their memory; and to have a photo that shows them life when they can’t remember it.

4. To bring you back to joy in the tough moments

Parenting is a tough gig. Anyone who says it isn’t, well tell me who they are cos I need to meet them. I need to know what this magic is that they have. All those tantrums, the juggling of feeding, changing, and managing them make it hard.

The joy can be hard to see when you are in the middle of juggling. A photo of their chubby hands, yawns and snuggles in your chest can help bring you back to the joy and wonderous feeling of it all. Here’s my tip. When it gets tough, I dig out photos, grab my phone, look up at the walls and it helps me feel gratitude. To see how awesome they are. To reaffirm that I am doing a good job.

5. So you can be in the photos and see yourself as a parent

You can’t be in the photos if you’re taking the photos. And you can’t have all of you in the photos unless someone else takes them. Someone who sees the love and bonds being formed and the beautiful moments of connection.

And finally, you can’t get these moments back

This is probably the biggest reason to book a newborn photoshoot. We spend nine months anticipating their arrival – lets spend a lifetime treasuring it.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask. Read my other posts about what to expect from at home newborn photography so you can understand what is involved. Or if you are already convinced get in touch to find out more.



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